We are going to South America, starting in Brazil in Guarulhos and then wherever our bikes will lead us. Suggested direction to the South then to the North with the small East-West deviations.

There is two of us, a mixture of female and male element in each of us, in different proportion.

I – Aga – I am going there to cycle ahead, I want to absorb everything around me in a pace dictated by my legs accompanied by the happy clank of my belongings tied to the bike. I want to have an indefinite number of stops on request, I want to watch the sky from the hammock perspective of course if Wojtek let me use his ‘ticket to the moon” and the mosquitoes won’t eat me alive. I want to meet other people, be part of their every-day reality, I want to twist my tongue to mimic their so-far mysterious languages and I am ready to bend my body to express that what cannot be said through words. I expect tears, sore muscles, moments of doubts and all of this experienced with the convictions that “it was worth it”.

I – Wojtek – I am going on this trip to rock myself in a hammock. I want to hide myself in shadow and extinguish the sun with a cold caiphirinha. I am going because my innate curiosity never let me stay for too long in one place and my feet always wander off the beaten tracks. I am going because there are new people and new notes to discover and besides I have a nice set of bicycle tools and it is the highest time to learn how to use them.

How long will the trip last?: maybe a week, a month, a little bit longer however secretly we hope that our trip will last until our individual expectations are fulfilled.

Why are we going now? Because it is the highest time and unexpected circumstances have already tied us to one place for much longer than we have planned.

If you would like to contact us, drop us an email on psychlopaths ( a t ) psychlopaths.com

3 Responses to About

  1. Lulis says:

    Let’s call it a journey? Just starting! Good luck and buon voyage, my friends!

  2. Guys, you are late! not a single post yet? c’mon…

    • Wojtek says:

      Patience is the word. It is hard to cycle and type at the same time :p. It looks like it will be the longest blog post EVER. BTW the saddle is super comfortable, my buttocks are grateful!

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