Fin del mundo, fin del viaje?

The last stretch of my cycling trip led me through Argentinian and Chilean continental Patagonia, then through Tierra Del Fuego until ‘fin del mundo’, the end of the world, which supposedly is in Ushuaia (though Chileans from Puerto Williams disagree). The further south I was getting the harsher the weather became. The wind was going mad lifting sand and creating mini sand storms, soon the rain joined in (OK, it was more of a drizzle, but still it was wet) and the grand finale on my last day included icy snow. Why not. Until the last moment I wasn’t sure what my reaction will be after reaching the target. Will I cry, will I laugh, will I be indifferent? Any of these wouldn’t really surprise me… the thing was I was just too tired to have any emotional reaction at all. My speedometer was telling me that I was milling with the cranks for 9 hours to cover the 105km from Tolhuin to Ushuaia. I rolled in the town, found a camping, put my tent and immediately fell asleep. Having rested a bit and having restored most of my brain functions, I realized that I never thought about Ushuaia as being the end of my journey, but merely the end of one stage of it. I am not sure where and when will I be back on the road, but I am sure I will sooner or later. For now I decided to hang around a little bit more in Argentina to reintegrate all the events of the past year and to have a soft transition to the ‘real world’.

As usual, some photo selection.

Sometimes the only weapon you have for the wind is a good photo joke :).

Glacier Perito Moreno.

A chunk of ice floating in the lake around the glacier.

Perito Moreno, closer shot of this impressive monster.

Somewhere on the way to Puerto Natales

Glaciar Grey in Torres del Paine park.

Flowers are cool to photograph because they don’t escape like foxes when you try to get closer.

A trail in Torres del Paine.

There’s always time for a good beer. Craft beer named after the great Portuguese explorer.

Kitty steak for dinner!

On Tierra del Fuego.

The famous wind torn tree.

Did a bit of detour to check out the king penguin colony.

In Tolhuin, 105km from Ushuaia there’s this famous amongst cyclists place where you can crash for free. My flag stays there.

It got a bit wet.

The last pass on the way to Ushuaia!

8 Responses to Fin del mundo, fin del viaje?

  1. Lucas says:

    Excellent photos ! This area in AR is stunning. One day I will too visit this region. All the best

  2. katieworth says:

    Mmmmm, kitten steak!

  3. Marcela Chaise - São Miguel do Oeste - Brasil says:

    Hi Friends! This pictures are amazing!
    It’s so nice read your histories!
    I’m happy for you!
    Kisses and hugs from me and my family!

  4. Magdalena says:

    El fin es solo el comienzo, no prives al camino de huellas, es mejor convertirlas en palimpsestos.

    • Wojtek says:

      ¡Hola! Como siempre, me estás enseñando Castellano. Estas son palabras sabias….. murciélagos!

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