South of Brazil: Part 1

We have 2000 km behind us. We are sure you will love to hear that the bikes are still in one piece and so are we. Below selection of some pics from Paraná and Santa Catarina states of Brazil. Enjoy!

Prudentópolis is well known from its Ukrainian influences and beautiful waterfalls. Pity our pictures were so bad but the clouds shot looks nice, doesn’t it?

Famous ‘Cataratas’ in Foz do Iguaçu – shot from the Brazilian side. There is an ongoing discussion which side of the falls is more beautiful – Argentinian or Brazilian. We skipped the Argentinian side, so we don’t know. The fact is though that the amount of pictures taken by the tourists in this place per second must be at least as high as amount of water flowing down the falls. We happily joined the crowd and took few snaps :).

Well deserved two days off from Brazil and cycling through a dirt road in Argentina via the Iguazu National Park.

This picture was taken in Modelo (SC) where we spent few days. The owner of this house surely carefully chose the colour of his VW Beetle.

Views in Santa Catarina are great, they make moments like this a bit sweeter.

From a fruit stall we grabbed something that looked like a hedgehog, but it tasted way better! This spiky delicacy is called ‘kino’.

Pinheiro-do-paraná has a characteristic shape and is a symbol of the Paraná state, but we found a lot of it growing in Santa Catarina.

On the way to São Joaquim (the kingdom of snowmen and apples). It was hard to climb up, but the views were worth the effort.

Arguably the most beautiful road in the world located in Serra do Rio do Rastro. Check the brakes before you go down!

We took part in ‘Dia do Pedal’ – a happening to promote cycling in Florianópolis the capital of Santa Catarina. For those who lasted till the end there were some vitamins waiting.

One of those lazy days on the beach with the refreshments coming your way.

On the way out from ‘Floripa’, time to move south!

Praia do Rosa – the mecca of surfers was a nice stop. The season is over and the beaches are kind of deserted. We loved it.

Rolling stones :)

A picturesque scene during our exploration of Praia do Rosa. Looks just like Ireland???

10 Responses to South of Brazil: Part 1

  1. Luiz says:

    So great!!!!
    Happy that you are alive! And Cycling!!!
    Keep moving on, my friends!
    My microwave miss you! =)
    Big hugs!!!

  2. Mania says:

    Awesome views! I would love to be there, I’m jealous! Hold on and good luck! Love you kisses;-*

  3. Miriam says:

    Aga is a great photografer, I love her pictures! Cheers my dear!

  4. Gassner says:

    Go polacos!

  5. Renato says:

    Nice to have news about you guys! Keep going south!

  6. Patrycja says:

    mmm… can I join you…? ;)

  7. Miriam says:

    Our Dia do Pedal where very funny, some friends of mine always ask me about you.
    Ciclyng with you on Praia de Jurerê was delicious!

  8. Lucas says:

    Great to see your pics !!
    All the best

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