Video glimpses of the trip #3

Another brilliantly edited piece. This time from northern Argentina. Enjoy.

The adequate music background provided by Bolo. Thanks!

(Bolo Dobry Kolo:

5 Responses to Video glimpses of the trip #3

  1. Lucas says:

    The song you’ve used is great ! Which one is it ?
    Really nice video too.

    • Wojtek says:

      Courtesy of Bolo Dobry Kolo. I don’t think that song has been published online. It is on of the tunes from the ‘Tam’ album

  2. Miriam Costi Ribeiro says:

    Where are you just now (today)?

    • Wojtek says:

      Lima, Peru. Just finished trekking and I will go back to Bolivia to pick up the bike and carry on cycling aimlessly around the continent :)

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